Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mid-Century Moto Mecca Make-over

My spare time today was spent mostly looking at this brilliant home and garage make-over/renovation & rebuild over on Garage Journal. I didn't stumble across this myself however, I was lead there by one of my favourite sites -

My intention is to use this blog for my own purposes to track builds of all sorts - houses, cars, garages, machinery, architecture etc - to come back to and look again. If this collection of links etc strikes a chord with you, then by all means subscribe and you'll get notifications as I discover new things to add.

Generally the pages I link will be filled with wonderful photography; since this is a hobby of mine I admire quality imagery and the talent required to make it work - as well as the time that properly documenting and capturing a process adds to the completion of a task at hand.

I've got a bunch of bookmarks to get through and slowly add; as well as anything I stumble across in the meantime that catches my interest. Stay tuned.

Want to see more? I think it's -well- worth the time to read the entire thread over at Garage Journal:

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