Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our House Build - Building Permit Approved!

Good news! Our Building Permit has been approved for the house, garage and the shed!

We did have a little speed bump along the way whereby the house got approved sans shed, because it was not included on the builders contract and therefore not covered by their warranty etc.

Jarrod (the builder) has since helped us out big time by putting the shed through them as a Post Contract Variation - with a nominal (and very acceptable) cost to do so - in a continuation of a theme that thus far has them being exceptionally helpful!

This is a big relief as I was always a little worried that we'd be told the shed was too big or too tall - or too close to the easement at the rear of the block - as it is the only change notated is that we need to put larger footings on the side adjacent to the easement - up to 450mm from 300mm.

With any luck the cost change to this will be minimal as the concretors advised we would save ~$400 by doing the leveling of the site prior to their footing excavation - hopefully this goes some way to covering the increased footing size!

Now we just have to wait for the go ahead from our financier - as well as get cracking on the block excavation.

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