Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Our House - Building contracts signed!

We met the builders for three hours today and signed our plans, specification and HIA building contract.

There were a few adjustments to the drafts they'd sent through in the days prior but they were very accomodating in getting them resolved on paper prior to our attendance which was great.

We've paid the remainder of the deposit to the builders and now need to fire off the last few things to our mortgage broker for submission to the bank:

  • Confirmed pricing for air conditioning system
  • Council approved plans
We also need to get our site cut/fill (excavation) work done - hopefully we can do something in that regard in the next weekend or two.

One small hiccup I wasn't aware of is that the air con return air needs to be enlarged which will likely result in the powder room vanity moving slightly closer to the toilet and the pantry cabinets and shelving shrinking slightly. The sizes will still be fairly generous given the mammoth proportions of the main Kitchen (and we lose about 100mm of shelf width and 300mm of cabinet width - which is reasonably insignificant).

Overall the build is looking like being about 21% over our original budget. Not ideal, however better than the ~62% over budgets that we were originally estimated by other builders.

Amongst that - the cliff notes versions of what we're going to end up with (even if this list is just to re-assure myself) provided the bank values at contract prices-
  • Our own design
  • Solar Orientation - North for living areas
  • Sound deadened theatre space with raised seating area
  • Separated parents and kids "wings"
  • Powder room for guests that avoids having them use kids bathroom
  • Airlock for main entrance to avoid unnecessary loss of conditioned air
  • Drive through garage
  • Double shower in ensuite
  • Two baths!
  • Big shed with 3 phase power completely hidden from the street
  • Big yard for the kids
  • Only one south facing window
  • Lots of ceiling fans
  • Lots of double glazing - nice big windows
  • 6 star energy rating (which is of course mandatory now)
  • Ducted reverse cycle inverter air conditioning
  • Blinds to every window
  • Flyscreen to every window and sliding door
  • Ability to open living area right up to outside
In the end the splashback window was too big to do double glazed so they're doing it in Low-E glass instead.

Now it's just a matter of getting the last few little bits and pieces done and all submitted to the bank for their approval *fingers crossed* - we had a pre-approval but our build cost has grown 21% - hopefully still OK.

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