Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our House Build - HVAC and Data Cabling

A very productive weekend with my cousin Fletch and my brother Mitch saw the data cabling, speaker cabling and heating/cooling ductwork installed.

Zone dampers mounted - the controller for this system can control four zones, we're only using two (a living and a sleeping zone) but we can always add more dampers and re-route ducts down the track if we feel the need to.

The roof space fills up fast with ducted cooling as the duct is much bigger than used solely for heating.

20 data points ran - we've put 4 each to the TV in the theatre and living rooms, 2 each to the bedrooms, 1 to the fridge, 2 to the kitchen table and 1 to the garage "just in case" - it's much easier to add them now than to do it once the walls are plastered, especially in the theatre room as the walls will have acoustic batts installed.

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