Friday, September 2, 2016

Our House Build - Windows and Doors

I didn't get to the site yesterday until it was well and truly dark (to discover that we had windows onsite, but not fitted). Today I got there and discovered a lot more progress had occurred!

It looks like almost all of our windows are in place along with one of our three doors.

Offset windows in the walk-in-robe.

All other front windows are this style. Pity about the decal on the glass but Australia's nanny state regulations require them to protect people who are too stupid to not try and walk through a window.

Front door frame is in place.

Here are our Boutique stacker doors, or the big 6 panel door and one of the two 3 panel doors. The other 3 panel door looks partially installed but not fitted into the rebate as best I can see from outside the fence; I assume this was what they were up to when they called time for the week.

Our roofing material is onsite.

Obligatory second angle for time lapse, now that more details are revealing themselves from this angle.

Sneaking around to the rear, wow the kitchen splashback is massive! Sorry for the bit of the fence that snuck into the shot, I must not have been paying too much attention!

This is the first time the ground behind the rear of the block has been dry enough to walk over freely - the house looks massive from back here! We won't be able to see it from this far away once the shed is built (This shot is taken around 2m from where the shed wall will be located)

Click to enlarge

Finishing off with one of my favourite iPhone shots so far, 3 shot panoramic - Lightroom mobile on the phone, exported to Photoshop CC Photomerge, then processed on Lightroom CC.

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