Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Our House Build - Fascia Started

When I pulled into our street tonight I was greeted by our fascia, the first of our selections to reveal itself on the exterior of our house.

It's amazing the way it cuts through the monotonous colour of the timber to separate the roof from the walls and show the shape of the building more.

It's now easier to distinguish the location of the entryway as well.

The proper support timbers have been installed. We are expecting our frame invoice now.

The fascia really shows the exterior dimension of the roof well, especially on the far (low) side where it really accentuates and drives home just how high the building is above the street here.

I've found another drain cover to stand on to try and get shots from the same angle every time. I hope to be able to stitch together a couple of time lapses showing the building progressing from an empty lot through to the finished home.

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