Monday, August 15, 2016

Our House Build - Framing - Day One

Wow. I am absolutely amazed at the amount achieved in just one day by the team putting our frames up.

Not only do we have a front door, but almost our whole house assembled:

I was too busy walking around, taking in all of the spaces in their real-life dimensions to take many photos before it got dark.

The iPhone camera is showing its limitations in terms of wide-angle now; I'll have to try and remember to take the DSLR tomorrow so I can get some better shots of this stage.

First impressions are: the tall ceilings are awesome. The window sizes are awesome. The layout is awesome. The walk through robe feels bigger than I expected, and the ensuite smaller. I think in reality the fit out in each room will reverse the impression of their space.

The garage wall frames aren't up yet but they're going to be very high! Above is the view looking down the hall from the living room past the theatre room toward the garage.

This is looking in the front door through what will be the slat wall that sizes the living room.

The splashback window view finally framed, taken from an approximate viewing height as if seated. Initially I thought this was a bit low as you can't see the lights of the city opposite from standing height up close, however any time anybody would be enjoying the view would be while seated either at the island bench or at the dining table and this height is perfect.

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