Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our House Build - Framing - Plywood Bracing

Back past again this afternoon (it helps that the block is about a 1 minute detour on my normal drive home) and I took some photos of the frame now that it's got a bunch of plywood bracing installed. I believe this bracing is due to the amount of small wall sections (because our windows are quite large) - otherwise normally the metal strap style bracing would be used to help the building withstand wind racking.

A cool side-effect is that this gives makes the frame look a lot more solid.

I've used a different method of uploading the images from my iPhone this time (iCloud->Macbook->Blogger instead of the iOS Blogger app which is out-dated and seems to scale images down in resolution) - it looks like these will be much clearer, so I think I'll keep doing them this way in the future.

Simon let me know that the roof trusses should be starting toward the end of this week which is exciting. I'm sure at some point in the not too distant future the build will be progressed far enough that I won't be able to see something new every time I come past- but for now it's great to turn up and to be able to easily see progress!

It looks like we'll be able to drop our lights and fans off next week to the builders, so I'll actually have enough room to move at home again - which will be nice!

You can see the offset temporary frame in this shot. Thankfully nobody is building yet on the south side of our block so I can get a good look at the back/side yard from outside the temporary fencing.

No progress on the formwork for the shed slab yet - I'm not sure what's happening with that as I was originally expecting it to be done simultaneously with the house slab.

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