Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our House Build - Structural Steel, Meters and More

Our site was very busy today! I didn't go past on my way to work but went past at lunch time - Powercor onsite fitting our 3 phase meter:

Local steel gurus RA Steel on-site doing structural steel. Fun fact - one of our neighbours is the owner - Graeme Aberline - he's a great bloke and a car nut - one of those neighbours you wish you could take with you when you move!

Back again this after work to check on progress and not only is the structural steel in place - we've also got stormwater, crushed limestone for drainage, AND our timber frames!

You start to get an idea of the area the extra-wide A&L Boutique stacker door will cover - as well as the view (of the shed, to Sarah's dismay) will give.

Scarlett was pretty stoked!

More crushed limestone waiting to be spread around:

Stormwater, I'm not exactly sure what the one in the middle of nowhere is for - I think it's based on the original cut/fill plan (I think I've seen it there) and we've gone for a flatter yard in actuality.

Starting to get a better feel for how the house sits on the block as the ground level is brought up closer to the base height of the brickwork part of the slab. It's also easier to see where the shed/drive-way will be.

We also have a water meter now, and it's not even in a terrible spot (that's lucky - given some I've seen haha)

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