Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our House Build - Standing Up The Roof - Part 1

After Friday and Monday were pretty well rained out, progress resumed on-site today! We have the beginnings of the roof trusses being stood up.

Ensuite/WIR area

Garage started

Interesting bit of structure in the garage, the three trusses close together I guess because the roof has to be supported this way rather than on the area the doors will cover.

Garage from "behind". We're having some cool sunsets now - it'll be proper post-work-photography season soon!

Living room roof well underway.

This shot just shows the retaining wall/building/eaves and their relationship to one another a bit better than previous shots.

The neighbouring block is coming along well too - looks like their plumbing is down ready for concreters to start doing the crushed rock etc so they will likely only be about a month behind us through the whole process.

Looking forward to seeing even more progress on the roof tomorrow night!

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