Monday, August 8, 2016

Our House Build - Slabbed

Went past the block on the way home tonight after picking up Scarlett and she wanted to pose for a photo with the slab, a bit windy though!

I couldn't quite fit the whole thing into one photo with the phone. I will have to take back the DSLR one day and get a wide shot showing the whole thing.

Ensuite slab rebate

The services slab (left of image above) doesn't match what was in the most recent drawing I'd signed:

I've emailed our site supervisor to find out what's happening there. [Edit: Simon has responded without delay, advising they are leaving this part until after stormwater has been done; otherwise the plumber would have a very hard time getting the stormwater through here. Makes sense to me! Excellent communication from Simon, in keeping with the rest of our dealings so far!]

Front porch area with fall to ensure no water stands there.

Bedroom end of the house, showing shower rebate and step to garage

Garage side of stepped area

Wood still in place in the stacker door rebates; I assume this gets removed at around the same time as the ones for the shower/ensuite rebates too.

There's also a bit of a cavity on the south side of the garage along the side of the slab under where the frame will sit. It's fairly obvious so I assume it'll be fixed up in the coming days - although I'll keep an eye on it.

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