Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our House Build - Frame DSLR Photos

All of the photos in this post should enlarge to 1500x1500px if clicked.

I took some more photos tonight showing the entirety of the frame from the outside.

The wide angle (10mm) lens on the 5D gets the whole lot in easily from the diagonals - not quite so easy looking straight on from the entry:

Above is a panorama using Lightroom CC and the shots are full width (5 shots) holding the camera above the temporary fence - if the fence wasn't there, obviously I could step back and get the shot easier without needing to do a panorama so without the distortion - but I don't think this has turned out too bad!

A shot from down the hill showing how high the garage sits above the surrounding area; the front and rear frames are temporary, I believe just to help support the roof structure etc until the bricks and lintels are in as I've seen this done on other houses while they're built.

There looks to be a lot more bracing up today than there was yesterday too so I'm guessing all the frames have been set up true/plumb. Excited for more progress- I believe the roof trusses will turn up soon and be laid on top of the assembled frame.

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