Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our House Build - Mid-Week Update

Dropped by the house tonight after work and snapped a few new photos. It looks like the brickies have been back at it today, the brickwork has been cleaned and looks amazing.

I'm not sure why I haven't taken a straight-on shot like this before. I had to photomerge (in Photoshop CC) two iPhone 6S + images together because it won't quite fit the whole house in one photo from the footpath across the road.

The section over the top of the pillar has been done, there looks to be a lintel and like they've removed some bricks to put it in, so it's possible the detail was overlooked in the drawing and is now resolved. It certainly looks more complete now. We also have our front door!

Clean bricks from the "low" side.

House from the second "time lapse" location.

The playground in our estate is finally opened so I took Scarlett up to have a bit of a play and on the way couldn't help checking out the roofline from further up the street. The solar HWS panels might be almost invisible on the roof from this angle once they're mounted.

This is taken from the top of a climbing tower (the highest point of the playground).

I plan to try and organise a time to do a walk through the property later in the week to take some interior photos as I'm told the cabinet makers have been busy and have at least the laundry cabinetry complete.

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