Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our House Build - Laundry Render

Here's a render of the Laundry including basin, although the tap location isn't likely to be where it'll actually end up. Also the handles on some of the bathroom cabinetry will be 196mm instead of 256mm long (I think the laundry ones will stay full size though)

I've compiled a list of things we will need to organise during or post-build:

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Letter Box
  • Street Number Sign (thinking of a laser cut corten steel placade or number on the wide rendered section at to the left of the entryway)
  • Clothes Line
  • Fencing
  • Rear Driveway (between garage and shed)
  • Data Cabling (approx 2x 305m boxes of Cat6, jacks, wall plates and a 24 port patch panel)
As well as this I've now got a list of items i'm waiting for or need to update before we can get our mortgage broker to kick things into gear with the bank:
  • Builders fixed price contract/quote (we've confirmed a lot with the builder including our selections although we're waiting for a few bits and pieces)
  • Shed concrete quote - I have one I'm happy with although it will need to be adjusted as we will be getting the area levelled prior which will save around $500.
  • Shed & Assembly quote - we need to pay a deposit (10% of the shed kit) for this ASAP as this is how we get the plans, which need to be submitted to council by the builder with their plans and engineering for the retaining wall to all be done under one approval.
  • Air Conditioning system plan and quote - this is being done by my father; my brother will be installing as he's a qualified refrigeration mechanic - we look like going a dual zone central reverse cycle inverter air conditioning system - this is working out only negligibly more expensive than a gas central heating system and a single 7kw split system a/c - so well worth doing!
Some other things I'm not sure if I've already mentioned on here that we're doing:
  • Rebating the stacker doors in the living/dining area; this will help the living areas to flow outside when the doors are opened.
  • Double glazing all windows of the house - the ones we HAVE to do for 6 star energy rating (7 of the windows) added approx $6k to the cost of the house. To do the remainder only added around $3.5k more - so worth doing for the savings it will return over the life of the home. I also anticipate that even if we sell in 10 years that things like double glazing and electric powered HVAC will be a much bigger deal than they are now due to global warming and a bigger focus on alternative energy sources.
  • Raised step to the theatre room including LED light strip to illuminate the underside of the step
  • CSR Soundscreen acoustic batts to following walls:
    • Two walls between master bedroom and living room/entry way
    • All three internal walls of the theatre
    • Wall between bedroom and bathroom at rear of house
That's all I can think of for now, but as I think of more I'll document them here (as I've mentioned before, this is as much for my own timeline/record/purpose as for anyone elses!)

I've got another render (of the kitchen) cooking up in SketchUp!

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