Friday, April 29, 2016

Our House Build - Shed Plans, Retaining Wall

I received my shed plans through today from Chris Rodda from Westvic Sheds and Garages in Colac.

Chris supplies Fair Dinkum colourbond sheds; Ideally I'd be buying the kit only and assembling myself but for the sake of simplicity and ease of funding/building permits/etc we will be getting it assembled by his sub contractors; the great thing about this is it will be done at the same time as the house - allowing us to move shed stuff directly to the shed rather than the house when it comes time to move out of our rental and into our new home.

I also received the quote for the retaining wall, which has been done to meet engineering requirements (a necessity as we're building it 200mm off the boundary (cut will be done to the boundary then backfilled) and it'll be over 1200mm for a portion and 18m long. It's been quoted as galvanised posts with concrete sleepers which sounds good to me - but it's not cheap at around $5,300.

That said, it's got to hold our neighbours house back from falling on top of ours; so it's got a pretty important job to do - and being concrete/galvanised steel we shouldn't need to worry about maintaining it in the future assuming we stay in this house for a long time. Being 18m long means from my guess it will come back to at least the dining room - maybe even to the rear of the house - depending on where it begins (I'm not sure that it needs to start at the front boundary)

I think now that means we're waiting on very little before we can get things underway!

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