Monday, April 11, 2016

Our House Build - New Kitchen Render

I got the cornice right this time!

(You can click the image to enlarge, as with most on here)

In other news, we paid the deposit for the shed kit today, so the shed plans can be prepared for submission to the council by our builder. Exciting times!


  1. It looks so real, I like your skills.I tried sweethome3d, but never got so far. Is it your profession? Greatings from Germany :)

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Gefion. No it's not my profession; just a hobbyist. I tend to pick this sort of stuff up fairly quickly if I have a reason/project to do. I sell cars for a living (VW, Honda and Hyundai)

    2. Ok, now I know the reason for the huge shed. What programs are you using for 3d?

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    4. Using Trimble Sketchup Make and rendering (for the photo-real type images) a plugin called Twilight Render. Both are free for non-commercial use.