Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our House Build - Piers and Formwork

The concretors appear to have managed to get the piers poured before we had a deluge of rain recently, which then stopped any further progress for a good few days.

Today they were back on-site assembling their formwork. This is finally giving us a better feel for the size of the house.

The front porch area doesn't stick out far from the house but it's at a lower height than the floor so it's formed differently.

While we were finding it seemed really large before the formwork, now it's feeling small again - I understand now what people mean by the place feeling big then small then big then small throughout the different stages of their builds!

There's still plenty of water sitting around - this is looking from our ensuite towards the "side" yard on the north side of the living/dining spaces where two of the stacker doors will be.

Also our ceiling fans arrived today (we have ordered them directly but the builder's electrician is fitting them as part of the build) so we have to deliver those to the builder when we get a chance.

Hopefully our Schweigen range hood won't be too far away either.

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