Friday, July 29, 2016

Our House Build - Formwork Update, Slab ETA

Looks like most of the formwork is almost done, with the concreting team onsite again today.

Gives a good idea of the size of the finished house now

Garage area done.

Looks like the slab might have a bit of a drop-wall setup next to the garage.

Garage step area looking toward the rear

Drop slab near the rear garage door

Kitchen stacker door area, I'm not sure why this is timber and not steel; possibly because of the rebated section they need to put in for the door.

Kitchen window view from pad height (about 400 below finished floor level) - this shows roughly how much of the view the walls of the house will block out.

This is roughly the same but holding the camera up at approximate head height when the floor is finished. Remember that temporary fencing is quite high too so we should have no issues blocking out our own view!

Our range-hood (Schweigen GG-901) arrived today and when I dropped it to the builders, Simon our Site Supervisor told me they're hoping (and have booked) to pour our slab next Wednesday.

We've got a huge amount of rain forecast for Monday with a few mildy wet days following so I'm not about to hold my breath; but fingers and toes are firmly crossed!

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