Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our House Build - Pre-Slab/Formwork Day 1

The weather was fantastic today (Wednesday) in Warrnambool. I quickly ducked through our estate first thing in the morning on my way to work and happy to see a team of concretors on-site.

Without knowing the exact process, it looks like they put down a layer of compressed crushed rock - I guess the waffle pods the  go on top of this?

I didn't take a photo but there's a section dug out of the high part where the stair down to the garage will go.

View looking south. Tricky lighting - the photos very nearly didn't turn out because it was about 10 minutes after sunset - thankfully the iPhone sensor seems to capture quite a bit of dynamic range - in combination with Lightroom on iOS I've been able to get this much info and to create reasonably usable images.

It looks like the retaining wall people have been back too and put in the posts for that. It's all happening at once!

We have a meterbox too. Not sure how these work - either it's a temporary one, or the final one that gets painted toward the end of the project.


  1. Of course it's a temporary one you nong.

    1. Hah. It's not like I've ever paid that much attention to a meter box on a building site before.

      At least I know someone is actually reading what I write here ;)