Friday, March 4, 2016

Our House Blog - New Renders

So I started drawing the house again from scratch using the dimensions from the builder's plan.

This is the laundry (colours/finishes still to be confirmed!)

I've done the lights using the electrical plan layout too, although I'm still getting the hang of using Twilight's lights so it may not be quite right, I also need to get some 3D batten and downlight/pendant models to put in the same place as the lights themselves too.

Below is the theatre room, note I've not drawn any doors or cavities yet, although I've done the correct sized cornice and skirting boards/architraves.

It's amazing how much difference the architraves/skirting makes, here's a shot with just the cornice (although not on the bulkhead above the kitchen cabinets):

And the same with the architraves and skirting - I haven't put any windows in the model yet which is actually making it render much faster so I'll keep working this way for a while! Again the colours and finishes aren't yet confirmed, but this will allow us to play with them to work out where we want/need to be when it comes to that.

Entryway timber screen, this hasn't been drawn with any dimensions etc by the builder yet so I'm trying to nut out what height it needs to be at etc - I've matched it to the kitchen benchtops for now.

Looking from the garage/entry point we will typically use, towards the living room.

This is using the site survey ground heights at the corners; I haven't done contour lines as the cut and fill will mean very little natural ground level will remain, hence I've rendered with a rock/dirt texture the backfill areas:

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