Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our House Build - Engineering Signed

Today I signed a drawing to be sent for engineering for the house slab. Not sure how long it takes to hear anything back about that.

I've been thinking about the garage doors again though. The builder originally specified 2100 doors and I've asked him to go as tall as possible. He's gone to a 2400 door as that's the biggest he can supply in a panel door at the front, although I'm happy for a roller if one can be done in a fashion that allows a single wide door and remote control.

We've got just under 2800mm to the eaves and 3000mm to the internal ceiling, a roller door for 3000mm is going to take up about 500mm when closed so won't really gain us much.

I've emailed my shed guy as I vaguely recall him mentioning doing garage doors as well as shed kits, hopefully he will have an option for me.

The only reason I'm worried about it is that it's something that's not going to be super difficult or expensive to do now, but to retrofit later would be an issue. Currently I have nothing that'd struggle to fit in but if I ever get a boat, non pop-top caravan, 4x4 etc that I need to get to the shed to work on, I'd hate to have to rip out and throw away both garage doors and re-do the lintel etc for clearance.

This is also a factor for resale, it's one thing to have a whopping great shed for someone who wants a workshop, and another entirely to offer it as a space to store a caravan and a boat, with room for storage as well - something hard to do if said items can't get through the house garage to get there!

The driveway has ended up being a rise of 590mm over 6000mm on the uphill side and 1100mm over 6000mm on the "downhill" side. Still a little steeper than I'd really like but it should be live-able. The full width front door will mean I can take it on an angle if break-overs become an issue with race cars; plus with the door heights correct I should be able to just drive through with a car on a car trailer so clearance won't be such an issue for a lowered race car - I won't need to load and unload on the street!

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