Saturday, March 5, 2016

Our House Build - More Renders

One of the coolest things about sketchup (or any 3d modelling program) is the ability to turn off elements of your home so you can get a better feel for where spaces sit in relation to one another. Here I was working with the walls turned offto complete the skirting and architraves and couldn't help but run a quick render.

I went through the drawings and added all the openings. I had some initial issues because I forgot that the bottom course of bricks is below the floor height; easily enough resolved though it did mean re-adjusting the heights of a couple of windows & doors once I worked out what was going on!

I modelled more of the graded slopes on the basis of the surveying heights, I've had to assume a couple of gradients continue on at a steady slope to the corner of the backyard as for whatever reason the site survey only goes just past the building envelope.

This allowed me to draw a drive-way and shed location. In this drawing I've cut the shed into the slope so the floor at the door end is level with the rear boundary, this may mean a couple of retaining walls on the north boundary although that depends more on if the slope actually continues at the same gradient (from memory it is definitely similar to this)

From down near ground level the house will look quite imposing I think.

This shows the relationship of the house and shed (or shed slab at least) compared to the block gradient.

I had messed up part of the height at the rear of the garage. here I've fixed it and put in some fences to get a better idea of what you can/can't see over them. I've used a 1500mm fence all around.

I got some light models from the 3D Warehouse - standard CFL battens, 3 IKEA pendants, and a complement of fan/light combinations for the rooms where specified. I still need to find a model for the downlights in the theatre. The image above took a very long time to render though because I've turned on some reflections in the surfaces as well as some minor bump maps.

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