Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Our House Build - Shed Slab

First quote for the shed slab came back, $1500 over the estimate from the shed people.

Not surprising given the slope of the block though, and the quote also includes thickening in the center for a hoist.

Here's the current costs for the shed:

Item Cost
Shed Kit $12,130.00
Variation – 5.1m w roller door $385.00
100mm slab, f72 mesh, 12of 300x300x300 footings, 15x7m $8,525.00
Building Erection $3,600.00
Power to shed/sub board $1,750.00


I should point out this includes only a single GPO and a light. Other power and lighting will have to be added later.

We could build it ourselves, but then we need to register as an owner builder, apply for a building permit for the shed separately, and if we sell within I believe 7 years we have to warrant the construction of the shed up to 7 years from when it went up.

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