Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our House Build - Selections Part 2

Here are the selections I'd forgotten the names of

Floor tile for bathrooms - grout colour is an approximation (I've used this image as the texture for sketchup; you're welcome to steal it if you're trying to do the same thing). It's a Beaumont Tiles 79955 Haven Charcoal 450x450

Similarly, this is our wall tile for the bathroom shower recesses, bath hob, as well as kitchen splashback, butlers pantry splashback, laundry splashback etc. It's another Beaumont tile - 79931 Balga Grey 450x450 - again the grout is an approximation.

This is the laminate for the vanity units in the bathroom and ensuite (where we have tiled floors) - we'll get the grain run horizontally (I think) - it's a textured finish and in person looks nothing like this sample on the computer - the colours are much more washed out. What you see on your device will differ to mine anyway - unless you've got a calibrated monitor like I do. It's a WilsonArt product - Natural Ash

This will be for the bench in the butlers pantry - it's a high gloss laminate equivalent to our Arcadia smart stone, aptly named Arcadia it is another WilsonArt laminate, in the 01 gloss finish.

This is WilsonArt's white Carrara marble style laminate in 01 gloss finish. This will be the bench tops for the laundry, vanity units and in the powder room.

Carpet - this is a Tuftmaster solution dyed nylon product called Harbour Town in Charcoal 990 - it's much lighter in person but we wanted a reasonably dark carpet anyway as the house we're in now has very light carpet and it's a nightmare with the kids.

For the kitchen, butlers pantry, powder rooms and laundry cabinets, the doors will be a gloss white - we've been told Polytec's Classic White Sheen Melamine will be shiny enough but we're not convinced, so we've asked for a price to upgrade to the Polytec Createc range which offers a shinier high gloss finish (similar to the photo in my previous post but not quite as shiny - we want a balance between dull (and boring) and being so shiny that it shows up fingerprints too easily!)

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