Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our House Build - Bricks

We made a trip to Ballarat to see the Boral Selection Center and found a brick we liked the look of, this is the Boral Horizon "Mocha"

The selection center were very helpful and gave us a sheet with some addresses of houses built using this brick. A short drive and we were able to check out a few and see if we liked it when applied to a whole building. Much better than the 3 brick displays at most builders!

Our backup plan based on some internet searches were Kurrajong (similar colour but perhaps not as much variance as Mocha) and then Brown Terrain if both of the others were too expensive.

We need not have worried, our builder's level 1 standard inclusion brick range includes the Kurrajong.

The Mocha is a Level 2 so $99/1000 bricks extra. I have no idea how many bricks go into a house but I'm assuming it's not going to cost the earth to use our chosen brick. We're also going to render some sections of the frontage (colour not picked as yet) so we can have a cheaper brick used under the render to offset the cost of the render itself.

*Actually, assuming 2700mm = 47 courses of bricks, and assuming the 245m2 of our house as a square meaning 60m of wall length (square root of 245m = 15m) * 4 sides. 47 * 60,000mm / 230mm per brick = 12,130 bricks or approx $1,200 for the brick upgrade. We'll see how close to that it ends up :)

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