Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our House Build - The Shed

A quick run down on the shed as I just realised I hadn't covered it.

I'm going to be doing a 15m wide, 7m deep shed in colourbond. This means 105m2 of floor space, meaning room for plenty of projects/storage and a seperate area for machine work - I am hoping to fit 3 phase power so I can pick up cheap ex-commercial tools - a bridgeport mill is high on the desire list!

I've also got a lathe that belonged to my late grandfather that will be moving into the shed at the same time we do.

The shed will be accessed by a 5.1m wide roller on the gable end (facing south) - this is so the driveway from the drive-through part of the garage can run along the south fence, and also because it's actually easier to access with a single wide door than 2x 3.1m doors due to the angle of approach - again thinking of future boat/caravan/car trailer use.

I plan to fit a 2 post vehicle hoist; I've used one a couple of times at work, and our last rental had an inspection pit and I truly miss that here trying to work on my back on a concrete floor. I don't believe you can legally put a pit in these days in a residential shed so a hoist is the best option. To clear a hoist the shed has to have a 3.3m high wall and a 4m gable height. A 3.6m wall would allow the hoist to be against a wall, but I'm happy to center it and have work bench space either side for tools etc. The machining stuff will be against the "rear" wall past the hoist, then there will be room in front of the hoist for cars to be parked/worked on etc.

There'll also be a personal access door on the wall that faces the house, on the south west corner.

Future solar panels will be fitted to the roof of the shed so as to not detract from the houses street appeal.

By the looks of the model in sketchup, the shed will be all but invisible from the street because the house is wider and the overall roof height will be similar between the two buildings (because the house will have about a 22 degree roof and 2700 walls, plus the slope of the block down towards the rear, and the shed will only have a 15 degree roof pitch.

Per my previous post the colours should match the house colours and help it blend a little better. The shed has to be 1100mm off the north boundary purely because of the height of the walls.

We're looking highly likely to use Chris Rodda at Westvic Sheds in Colac because he's a customer of mine and has been very helpful through the sizing/quoting process (and he's done a ripper price). Initially we will do the slab and shed, and a power feed in to a sub board into the shed at the same time as the house. Actual wiring and lighting for the shed I will get done at a later stage, as we can't afford to do that and finish the house off the way we want at the same time.

I wanted to assemble the shed myself but our builder is happy to let it be done at the same time as the house and through him for both building permit and the bank on the proviso that it be assembled by someone who can warrant it under the BCA. This is fair enough but eats a further $3,600 of our budget. If the bank knocks it back because of the anticipated completed value of the property, we will probably have to look into other funding as the shed is a non-negotiable - it'll be much too difficult to complete with the house finished especially once we have neighbours!!

Red hoist is a Molnar unit just for dimensions. Black box is the extreme dimensions of an NB MX-5, green of an E21 and purple of an ED Falcon - I created this drawing so I could try and mesh out where I'll eventually put things.

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