Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our House Build - Builder

Stages three and four of the estate are progressing. Check out how dry everything is. This year is the driest summer on record for about a decade.

Being able to consult on the design with the builder really allowed us some confidence that what we are doing is buildable on-budget. For this reason and because I'd worked with this builder in the past to fit out an IT Service workshop we have decided to proceed with them

Warrnambool Builders / Novara Homes / Jarrod Dorney is our choice of builder. If you're building in Warrnambool and want to be able to tailor something to your budget that's a bit different and with a lot of flexibility in design, then Jarrod is your man. He uses Sketchup and basically draws your plans for free as part of the build process.


Soil test core holes done. Finally some progress. I've mowed the block three times since we were titled - the last time was just taking the tops off some weeds and blowing dust around!

This is the siting plan - using my rough model as the basis and siting the shed 1100mm off the north (left) boundary and the 2000mm easement distance off the east boundary (top). The keen eyed among you may notice it looks like there's less room to either side of the house. Somehow I messed up with my original site drawing and made the front boundary 2m too wide. Lucky the house is still (just) narrow enough to fit!!

No this isn't our house. It is the house directly opposite ours. Check how high they've built up (theirs had to be level to the road at the top (it's a corner block) for their garage. They'll have a pretty decent view from their living areas but that's all south facing glass!! Terrible for heat loss in winter and no benefit for solar heat gain. It looks a big house - I wonder how big ours will seem once the walls are up!


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