Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our House Build - Kitchen - To Bulkhead, Or Not?

I've hit a bit of a stalemate. Originally I'd planned a bulkhead at 2400mm for the kitchen with the overhead cabinets running all the way to this bulkhead. I don't want a dust/oil catcher on top of the overheads. The alternative is we maintain our 2700mm ceiling height from the rest of the living/dining & entryway; but then the overhead cupboards will be exceptionally tall (or will need a bulkhead of their own)

I'll give it more thought.

While I'm here, this is what our boutique entertainer door will look like between our kitchen/dining and our future alfresco area. Except probably in Monument (the colour)


  1. Have you looked at ducted evaporative cooling? I am currently building and it is much cheaper to install (<$5000) and much cheaper to run

  2. Not too intensly. We are on the coast, and although plenty of the project builders are installing them the reality is they're not great on high humidity days; around half our hot days are reasonably humid. Add to this our water quality while ok for drinking is nasty as far as mineral deposits and the potential for these units to become a maintenance nightmare is a worry. If the cost of Reverse Cycle becomes a major issue we will revisit.