Monday, February 8, 2016

Our House Build - Land Attempt #2

We were contacted much later by a representative for the then finished and titled Riverside estate. Our original contact had passed on our details in the hope that they could make up for their failure to come through on the Wollaston Gardens estate with some discounted lots in Riverside.

We investigated this however the remaining lots were either too small, expensive for our budget (despite discounting), or on too much of a slope. We nearly purchased an 838m2 block here but the covenants killed that idea. 

My ideal shed had shaped up to be a 7x15x3.3m behemoth - a 105m2 affair - and one covenant stated that any outbuilding over 36m2 must be constructed of the same material as the house - meaning either a colorbond house, or a brick shed (add $30,000 or more to the cost!)

A glimmer of light had appeared however, with a local developer offering a $20,000 off the plan rebate to kick start their new estate a little further down the hill; an estate they'd actually made a start on! Much more promising. They also had some big (but oddly shaped) lots available.

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