Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our House Build - Porter Davis' World of Style

We're going to head to Melbourne to check out the Porter Davis' World of Style ( as it's open to the public. With any luck this will help us pick some colours for the interior.

Exterior wise we need to pick a render colour but otherwise we're pretty set on the following:

Bricks - Boral Horizons Mocha
Gutter/Architraves - Colorbond Monument
Roof - Colorbond Basalt
Windows/Doors - A&L Monument Satin
Downpipes - Colorbond Terrain (closest match to mocha bricks)

For the shed, I'll likely do Colorbond terrain walls, monument gutters and basalt roof to match the house.

Sarah and I both like the idea of Dulux Orangeade for the front door, but feel it may be too bold for the garage door, so perhaps we will go with one of our two colorbond colours for that.

I'd love to do the roof in Momument as well but Sarah's adamant that it will get too hot in the sun. I want a thermo controlled vent for the roof space for summer and figure it probably won't make a lot of difference on that basis; but she's probably right. The Basalt still has a high solar heat gain co-efficient (.6 vs .8 I think) vs a lighter colour at around .2; but I prefer the look of a darker roof through driving around looking at them.

Interior floor wise we'd love to do polished concrete (happy to do just the slab with a grind and polish rather than a special floor with any added aggregates; but it's cost dependant. If we can't pull that off we'll probably go some sort of large format tile (we need something dark-ish and slab-connected for solar heat gain in the living area in winter, so as much as Sarah would like timber flooring as a second option to polished concrete, I don't think it's practical for our design.)

We're also thinking (at this point) of neutrals for the walls - greys - I'm sceptical of making things too dark although we have a lot of natural light in the living area. Hopefully we can come to some agreement at the World of Style, and perhaps get some great ideas.

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