Monday, February 8, 2016

Our House Build - Land Attempt #1

What really kicked us off on this journey was a potential entrance into a group deal on pre-development (off the plan) lots through work - a negotiated early bird discount if a few of us wanted lots in the planned Wollaston Gardens estate 

A number of new estates had opened up on former farmland in the city's North - Wollaston Road precinct to cater for 5000 - Warrnambool Standard - Riverside Estate being the first to actually break ground, with promises that Wollaston Gardens would follow not long after.

We currently live quite close to these estates so know the area and amenities well. It's great to note that within the next 7 or so years an additional vehicle bridge will bring a third feeder to Wollaston road (it will almost cut the photo across the middle) from Bromfield St. There's a Centro Shopping centre basically at the end of Wollaston road, as well as petrol station and other amenities.

We negotiated a price for lot 112, a larger than average block - as I wanted to build a very sizeable shed in addition to the house on the land; but have it hidden from the road. This block would allow us to fit a slightly wider and shorter house to achieve this outcome. 

Contracts for the sale, however, never arrived - and I never heard from the bloke attempting to organise the sales again. (Sometime later, I was perusing council meeting summaries in relation to other issues and noticed some denials of planning to rezone land north of Wollaston Road due to protection of fertile farm land - I am unsure if this had an effect on this estate; as I also heard of drainage issues in the area and had certainly witnessed those in passing!)

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